Facebook Customer Service +1800~381~5034 Toll Free Number

If your phone number is linked to your facebook account, then you can reset your facebook account through your phone number & can change your password to different from what you had. I will advice not to use same password for everything as this makes surity of loosing the password.
If not, you can be in touch with facebook directly & explain the circumstances. Through a series of questions, you may be asked to verify account ownership such as when was the last time you logged in & where , which friends you messaged recently , recognise your facebook friends by pictures etc.

If you forgot your facebook password & want to recover it . Easy way to recover your account & reset your password are
Using any browser , open facebook account.
Click on “Forgotten account” link which is under Password field.
You have to recognise your Facebook Account . Use an email address or phone number you previously added to your facebook account to the Facebook Recover Page. If it does not show , then use your facebook Username.
Click ‘Search’.
If you found your Account. Carefully check.
If you no longer want to access it. If you show Contact details.Click to continue
A security code will be sent to you by facebook.
Retrieve & Enter it.If the code arrive.
After that with a new password you can login to your facebook account. Then your account is accessible.

To be in touch with the Facebook customer support team , there is no any direct way . To resolve any specific problem , there is a help page where you can get very little information. Thus a team of finest experts and professional customer care specialist is hired by us in this field. They are available round the clock on demand . Be in touch with them when you are facing any issue.

Without any prior notice, sometimes your account/page got blocked or disabled to use certain features.Thus you have to talk with someone in customer service or Facebook technical support.As this is reviewed and trusted by thousands of users try this best phone number for Facebook.

If your Face book account is still link to that email address & mobile number but password is changed, then this is the most common case of recovering hacked Face book Account.
Click on forgot Password in Facebook.
Enter Mobile no or Email or Username in text box & click search.
If any recovery email address and mobile number is there, then you can see it in your profile. First of all select then click continue mobile number or email address that you can go through right now.
If you choose Email/Mobile no, then you can get mail or recovery code on them respectively.
Set new password & go to your face book Account.

With Simple Verification Of your Account, you can recover temporary blocked account by
Submitting an appeal using the mail address you used for your account, if it is not helpful to you.
Waite for 24 hours. Try to clear browser cookies as it may be very helpful in preventing login. If you still have problem in Login, then you can go directly through the automated security verification process. Sometimes you will be asked verification based on the type of your violation of Face book Standard Community. “Identify your friends” is the best review in this case you have to recognise your friends with pictures or “Upload your id” is also a review in which we can upload student our any other identity card.